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Our company has been established on the foundation of Taizhou Planet Speed-changing Machinery Factory, which produces"Jiaoxing" brand stepless speed variator and worm gear speed reducer. Our previous top quality products are valued by domestic and foreign clients and enjoying a good reputation.

The quality of our"Jiaoxing" series vacuum pumps and vacuum units are guaranteed by our powerful technology, self-contained processing facilities, particular technics and advanced text apparatus. The pumps are widely used in such fields as chemical, medicine, textile, food processing, electronics, etc.

Our quality guideline is :"building JiaoXing brand, Establishing first-class of the vacuum craft".

Our work is based on"Source, Quality, Clients, and Economy".We strictly abide by ISO9001 quality control system to design, manufacture and service. We wish sincerely to be involved in a joint effort with fraternal units to establish the first-class vacuum brand in China.

幸运飞艇注册网址You are warmly welcome to inquire about our products. We are look forward to establishing technology and business relations with you. For further information, please contact us.

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